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Artificial and Log-Driving Ditches in the Nature Park

Artificial ditches originally built for mining purposes that still carry water today also contribute to the preservation of natural diversity in the nature park. Log-driving and motive-water ditches are deservedly considered shining examples of the work of specialist mine surveyors.

In order to ensure that the water hit the driving wheels and turbines from as great a height as possible when it reached its destination, the ditches were built so that they had only the slightest possible gradient up until that point. The paths for the log drivers and the ditch attendants on the dams are also almost horizontal. Nowadays, the ditches that have survived provide comfortable walking routes without signif-icant inclines.

Depending on the characteristics and contents of their water, the watercourses feature riverbank vegeta-tion, underwater vegetation in some locations, and water-dwelling microorganisms. Occasionally, observ-ers may even spot river trout or bullheads.