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Hedgerow Caching in the Nature Park

Geocaching combines the use of technology with experiencing nature. The Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park has created a geocaching route on the eastern slope of the Pöhlberg, which leads walkers through the stun-ning hedgerow landscape of the Geyersdorf meadows.

We can tell you that the tour begins near the old Geyersdorf administration and assembly building from the time of mining. The starting point is easily accessible from Geyersdorf, Königswalde and the foot of the Pöh-lberg mountain. The route is around five kilometres long across easy terrain. Attentive observers and level-headed problem-solvers shouldn’t have any difficulty solving the puzzles that reveal the coordinates of the seven waystations. Treasure hunters will be rewarded with a fair-sized treasure at the end of the route. Once you have found it, we ask that you keep the treasure clean and return it safely to its hiding place.

Download: PDF Treasure Map

The route includes a playground for children and inviting places to sit and rest, making it ideal for a family outing. It runs through attractive countryside with plenty to keep children interested.

Comments on the puzzles, route or cache can be sent to the following email address:
Naturpark@tira.de. Alternatively, you can reach us by telephone on: +49 37 3362 2106

You can find out more about geocaching on the following websites: