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Eye-Catching Mind Maps and Educational Puzzles

The posters advocate for moors, streams, hedgerows and mountain meadows, and invite pupils to discover more

In order to encourage viewers to take a long-term interest in these topics, the nature park has produced mind maps about moors, upland streams, hedgerows and mining landscapes, as well as mountain, wet and orchard meadows.

The front of the mind map posters merely provides an overview of the habitat in question while puzzles, selected themed walking routes and further information on the reverse guide the reader deeper into the topic. The solution to the puzzles can often be found in the mind map on the front of the poster.

The posters are aimed at children and young people from around 12 and up, and can be used to accompany and illustrate biology and geography lessons from the 6th grade (Year 7 in the UK) onwards. Nature education organisations can also use the posters to consolidate knowledge taught previously. For example, while the poster about upland streams deals with the endangered freshwater pearl mussel, the mountain meadow poster provides advice on building insect hotels.

The mind map depicting the natural diversity of habitats in mining landscapes formed part of the Erzgebirge Mining Region’s successful UNESCO World Heritage Site bid.

We hope you will find our posters useful. We will be happy to send large numbers of them to you on request. The staff of the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park and the habitats themselves thank you in advance for your interest and commitment.

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