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Learning About Diversity

In these days of smartphones, notebook computers and iPads, nature can struggle to catch the attention of children and young people. The staff of the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park have adopted a concept that is new to Germany by producing mind map posters. Using this method, facts, interrelationships and ideas around a particular topic can be illustrated and organised. The nature park has produced mind maps about moors, upland streams, hedgerows and mining landscapes, as well as about mountain, wet and orchard meadows (see the “...for Schools” subpage).

The posters are aimed at children and young people from around 12 and up, and can be used to accompany and illustrate biology and geography lessons from the 6th grade (Year 7 in the UK) onwards.

However, children even younger than this can also be inspired to learn about natural diversity. For example, one project based on this approach was implemented at a nursery school (see the “...for Nurseries” subpage).