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The Natural Treasures...

...of the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park cannot be discovered through a car window. If you want to encounter pale yellow cowslips in the Freiberg Mulde valley, admire a sundew plant along the Stengelhaide moors trail or contemplate the plump yellow blooms of wolfsbane in a mountain meadow, lace up your hiking boots and head into the countryside on foot.

We recommend the excellent 289-kilometre Erzgebirge-Vogtland mountain ridge trail (Kammweg Erzgebirge-Vogtland). Covering just short of 300 kilometres, the trail traverses the nature park from Holzhau in the east to Eichigt in the west.

You can find further information about the individual stages, accommodation and sights of the ridge trail on the following website: http://kammweg.de/

Exceptional natural experiences await you in each region. Walkers will be amazed by the flowering mountain meadows in Holzhau and captivated by the enigmatic moors in Kühnhaide and Johanngeorgenstadt.

Clear, oxygen-rich streams spring from the extensive forests that cover almost two-thirds of the nature park. Orchard meadows and fruit gardens are widespread between Hermsgrün and Eichigt in the Vogtland thanks to the milder climate there.