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Working to Preserve a Colourful Landscape and to Protect an Endangered Natural World...

The maintenance and development plan for the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park was produced in 2003 by the landscape planning consultancy Landschaftsplanung Dr. Böhnert und Dr. Reichhoff GmbH, based in Freital. We have been working on a follow-on plan since 2019. The plan sets out recommended actions and aims for the development of the landscape as well as for leisure and tourism activities in the nature park.

The five landscape conservation associations and two nature conservation organisations that are active within the nature park have been part of the fundamental development of the plan since its inception as these groups are largely responsible for the practical preservation of cultural landscape elements and habitats in the nature park.

It was therefore only natural to involve these organisations in the implementation of this broad public outreach project. In addition to this, the highly trained nature and landscape guides play an important role in conducting walks through the nature park’s stunning scenery. The nature park guides often arrange events on specific topics, such as history and mining heritage or life in the watercourses.


The nature and landscape guides: representatives of the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park

You can learn more about exploring the nature park with our guides on this website: www.naturparkfuehrer-erzgebirge.de (currently available in German only)

Are you interested in going on a themed walk? Get in touch with a nature park guide in the region of your choice.

These five landscape conservation associations and two nature conservation organisations sup-port the practical work of preserving the cultural landscape of the nature park:

LPV “Oberes Vogtland” e.V.
Zimmerloh 76
08258 Markneukirchen
Tel.: 037422/2965
Fax: 037422/46786
e-mail: lpv-vogtland@riedelhof.de

LPV “Westerzgebirge” e.V.
Dorfstraße 48
08289 Schneeberg OT Lindenau
Tel.: 03772/24879
Fax: 03772/24879
e-mail: luise.eichhorn@lpvwesterzgebirge.de

LPV “Mittleres Erzgebirge” e.V.
Am Sportplatz 14
09456 Mildenau
Tel.: 03733/59677-0
Fax: 03733/59677-17
e-mail: thomas.prantl@lpvme.de

LPV “Zschopau-/Flöhatal” e.V.
Hinterer Grund 4a
09496 Marienberg OT Pobershau
Tel.: 03735/6681231
Fax: 03735/6681232
e-mail: lpv_pobershau@freenet.de

LPV “Mulde-Flöha” e.V.
Gränitzer Str. 8
09575 Eppendorf OT Großwaltersdorf
Tel.: 037293/89989
Fax: 037293/89989
e-mail: lpv_Mulde-Floeha@web.de

Naturschutzzentrum Erzgebirge gGmBH
Am Sauwald 1
09468 Schlettau OT Dörfel
Tel.: 03733/5629-0
Fax: 03733/5629-99
e-mail: zentrale@naturschutzzentrum-erzgebirge.de

Natur- und Umweltzentrum Vogtland e.V.
Treuener Straße 2
08239 Falkenstein OT Oberlauterbach
Tel.: 03745/75105-0
Fax: 03745/75105-35
e-mail: nuz@nuz-vogtland.de